This week was a little difficult for me as I was on vacation in Las Vegas, however, video is probably the one area out of the four that I am most comfortable. Even though I was on vacation in Las Vegas it did give me many options for content for the week. I actually also took lots of video for my next weeks Final Project.

Reading my classmates blogs over the past four weeks has been great. I have noticed that they have gotten increasingly more creative and competent in their assignments. I suppose the structure of the class is working well and people are accumulating knowledge as the weeks move on, I know I have. So the assignment of reading other blogs and commenting was probably the most enjoyable as I learned quite a bit from everyone.

My two video assignments were quite fun to put together. I have used iMovie quite a bit already in the past as I helped my dad make social media videos for his karate dojo. Doing the Super Family video gave me a chance to include my family also into the process. They gave me good ideas and we had some good conversations about how to storyboard things. Working on the Sports Highlights assignment was also a labor of love. It definitely made me aware of how I would like others to shoot video of me in the future in case I want to make another highlight real again in the future.

The Daily Create is fun and interesting; it seems simple enough but it always makes me think. Just when I think I am being clever with my tweet, I read someone else’s that is even more clever.