I know the professor had mentioned in her intro video and also in an email that this week is a love or hate for most people. For me, I actually enjoyed doing the Audio Assignments. Despite being a Communications Major I am a bit shy and get nervous when I have to speak in front of people (whether it be live or on video). Audio is somewhat easier for me because it is just my voice and I don’t have to have stand up in front of everyone.

I used GarageBand for the majority of my assignments. I had used it previously off and on so it was somewhat familiar. GarageBand is similar to other Mac software which also made it easier to use. I played around with Audacity for a couple of hours initially but ended up with my old friend GarageBand. It did all I wanted and more.

The other website I used quite a bit was freesound.org. When I had files that needed to be converted I used Online Audio Converter. This website also allowed me to take audio from video which came in hand a couple of times.

The difficulty with using audio versus a visual/design/video is that you have to create the image in their mind. The eyes give a person the visual they need to make a thought about what they hear. So audio has to be creative and succinct with what you are trying to get across to the audience. Since non verbal communication is the majority way of how we get information from another person, the sounds and/or voices need to convey meaning in their tone and inflection.

Below are my Reflections and Assignments for Week 3: