Second week in and I have a dichotomy of feelings… I have gained so much knowledge yet I still feel like I don’t know anything. The assignments were fun and challenging. The reading I had to do for the Design Blitz was extensive and thought provoking. The information really helped guide my vision and thoughts on what assignments I wanted to do and how I did them.

When making the Design Blitz, it was initially difficult to figure out what photos to take. So I started by taking pictures of anything that was somewhat related to the concepts. I then went through all the pictures and would compare and contrast with what I have to what the concepts that I had learned. I evaluated the photos on what made the most sense for what concept and it helped me become more aware of what I learned. Now when I take photos just for myself I utilize the concepts that I have learned by reading the information in the Design Blitz assignment.

The assignment of “Are we there yet?” was the most enjoyable because I used one of my favorite photos of me and my girlfriend. I wish I had a good photoshop program so that I could put the two pictures together in a much more clean view. The time I used on other assignments also took away from this one for me.

I felt most accomplished with the GIF Mosaic and the work I did on The Vignelli Canon reflection. The GIF Mosaic was like a Sherlock Holmes mystery as I had to find the right software to help me accomplish the assignment. It was frustrating at times as I failed over and over but once it all came together I watched it over and over. I also sent it to my friends and family so they could see what I had created. The reflection on The Vignelli Canon probably took the most of my time as I kept going down the rabbit hole on his work. Reading articles, watching videos and looking at photos of his work was fascinating.

I need to be honest and also state that this Summer class is a LOT of work and makes me not want to do another Summer class again. Even though I am enjoying it, I feel I would have enjoyed it much more in a classroom environment during a normal semester. There is quite a bunch of information to filter through and I get graded on things that I didn’t know I had to know. If it were a classroom environment then I would have more dialogue with the professor and students which would make things it be more clearer.

Seeing how design is all around us in our everyday was an eye opener. That even the simplest of design like the NYC Subway was someone’s genius idea. Humans are complex so that is why simple works so well for us.

Below is the work I have done for the week for your review: