I won’t lie, trying to cram all this fun learning into one week is a bit of a challenge. That being said, the more I am engaged with it the easier it is becoming. When I have time I feel I can really put some creativity into the assignments. When I am pressed for time I feel my work sometimes could have been better. But overall I am happy with the content and the assignments I have worked on.

Like most young people I thought I knew it all when it came to social media; I was wrong! I really didn’t find anything “hard” per se to do but it was the time involved in learning how to post, how to edit, how to arrange the blog and just getting used to doing the things that make a blog work. Initially when I did the “Before and After the end” I had just uploaded two photos. Then after reading the directions over again I realized that I had to use a specific tool. That also entailed me having to use Dropbox which I had to figure out. Once I figured out what the tool/plug-in juxtapose did, I was really impressed.

I find that most of my work so far has been with my family/friends/pets/UMW. These things are full of positive experiences for me and that is how I look at life in general. I don’t really have any issues so far. Looking forward to next week!

Below are the links to my assignments for this week: