Howdy everyone! I am a social media God now and have posted on several different platforms for your viewing pleasure.

When I first started looking at how to set up my domain, it seemed like a daunting task. There was so much to read and decipher I wasn’t sure if up was down or down was up! Once I started using the WordPress site it started to slowly come together but I’m still trying to smooth things out. 

Customizing came a lot easier because of how I was already getting use to the website. The social media sites were very familiar to me so that part was a breathe of fresh air. I can tell that by the time the class is finished that I will have a good grasp on digital storytelling.

Flickr had flickered out (down for maintenance) so I went to old faithful… Instagram.
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Mr. UMW is also Mr. YouTube
I may sound like a zombie, but that’s only because I am a zombie!