That was a very well done analysis explaining how that scene was put together. Pointing out the jump cuts to make the audience look at the scene as more natural was spot on. But the best part of your whole blog was when you quoted the Boston accent – “Hahvahd”. It is funny to see words spelled out with a local accent.

This is awesome, I think the pitch that you have is perfect. Any higher would’ve been annoying I feel like. Great job!
Nice beat! Your percussive skill is only matched by the tutorial you gave on how you made this video. That is probably my biggest struggle in the class because I don’t know how detailed I should make it. I don’t want to bore someone with the obvious. I will follow your wonderful example of you detail things.
This is one of my favorite movies, the Joker is my favorite villain and Heath Ledger played him perfectly. Good notes, he really did look in charge and his entrance and exit played a big role in that.