I listened to the RadioLab – Detective Stories cuts. Learning about audio techniques was really cool. I could pick it up when listening to the detective stories, it definitely adds to the imagination when given sounds of the surrounding scenery are layered in. They use B-roll as background noise while they talk about a subject to help us understand the subject matter. A good example I feel is the war of the world broadcasts. All the shouting, fighting and sound effects in the background really added to the experiment and it lead to everyone thinking it was real. The music does really drop off suddenly in the radio hour, I suppose to make a point. The music was a little bit overbearing as well to me at times. Other techniques used were use of volume, one interviewer might be louder than the the other. The echo sound was used to emphasize some points as well and there was filtered sound while in the studio..

The TED Radio Hour was interesting. The sound overlay of music and then the commentary of the host and the MIT Professor were appealing. Then the real life background noise of the robot and the elderly woman really painted a picture for the listener. It lead you to think that everything was wonderful but then the MIT Professor screeched it to a halt with her statement that she found all of this terrible; that’s when the proverbial music stopped! Great technique to turn your thoughts around or stop the current wave of thinking.

I did the SoundFX challenge where you had to make a story with just sounds. I really enjoyed making that and it was a little difficult because it was limiting but in the end I really liked what I came up with. I didn’t do the ds106 radio bumper but listening to them I think I would’ve had fun coming up with a bumper. I liked the one made by John from Scotland, it is upbeat and has a bit of humor to start. It starts by playing a song that was in a foreign language, followed by a man saying “understand it? no. Like it? yes.”. I like this because it also shows that even if you don’t understand something, it can still be enjoyable.