When listening to Ira Glass part one, I like his formula for a story and that the sequence of events is the first building block of creating a story. The bait in the sequence is the most important part because without it the listener won’t want to listen unless it sounds like it’s worth listening to. The reflection is where the listener will go back in the story to look at where the story leads too; this is the end game. That is why everyone loved the Marvel movies so much was for the building blocks of sequences and the bait of the connecting story line really brought people in. Then at the end of the movies they brought it all together in one movie. To relate it more to Radio, think of the War of the Worlds.

This radio broad cast had big bait, that aliens were attacking the world. It drew people in so much to the story and it sounded so real that it ultimately lead to people going crazy thinking aliens had actually landed!

In part four Ira talks about being a successful beginner. He talks about beginner errors and the main one is that everyone is trying to be like someone else on TV instead of recording something authentic. Authenticity is hard to do because there are so many different styles and productions already out there, it’s difficult to completely come up without getting inspired by someone else these days. This is a problem later in life as well when someone runs out of motivation. The next problem is when they have a bad personality and they only talk about themselves. I feel like this is true for everything in the world, if someone is selfish and doesn’t have a friendly personality they wont make it far in this world.

I enjoy Jad Aburmad’s description of how the radio creates empathy. Being able to paint a picture with you mind is a very captivating thing; it lets people use their imagination. How someone might picture a story could be different than how some one else pictures the same story. I do think that radio will die off eventually but it is being replaced with podcast and other things to listen to that will let you create a picture in your head by listening to a story. Audio books are a great way to continue to use your imagination. Like Aburmad said, the voice of the narrator or the host is very important. A voice like Howard Sterns is very captivating and it draws the listener in. He is a big reason for radio stations still being around.