Information is power, so I definitely feel more powerful after reading Roger Ebert’s article about How to Read a Movie. It pointed out things that I took for granted when I watched a movie scene. I originally thought these were just random or by chance but now I know that these angles or cuts are done with a purpose. He talks about “intrinsic weighting” which I feel is absolutely true. I think the human mind looks for simple or natural shapes. Most of the world is right handed so we have a more positive for things on the right. Being on top is dominant in life so it transcends in movies as well. Basically, shooting or editing a movie in a certain way can invoke thoughts or emotions if done correctly. I am now smarter for having read this article.

I watched the video of one of my favorite directors Quentin Tarantino. I never noticed before al the intrinsic weighting he uses in his films, especially having the camera angles looking up at the powerful characters in his movies. In contrast, I also realize he has down angles on the less than powerful characters in his movies. One example I remember from Inglorious Basterds is when they are interrogating the German Sergeant where they are looking down at him in the camera view. Then when they have a shot of him from behind it is looking up because the powerful character, Lieutenant Aldo Raines is in front of him. So it gives an impression of the German Sergeant is less than Aldo Raines.

I watched the video on Examples of Editing Techniques. It seems as jump cuts are used quite a bit in movies, to emphasize what a particular character is saying/doing or to see their reaction to a situation. The wipe cut I feel is somewhat old school or more childish as I remember seeing that kind of thing in the old Batman television show.

I also viewed the video on 2001 A Space Odyssey – match cut. I actually have noticed this type of edit before and I plan on using it in my final project for this class. I look at this as an intrinsic weighting idea of similars. The human eye notices things that look alike or they will find similarities in things. When someone sees the likeness of Jesus in a piece of toast as well as when kids look up at the clouds and see a dog shape or whatever. We want to associate certain shapes or objects.