I chose the lobby shootout scene from the movie The Matrix. This movie was on the cutting edge of technology when it first came out.

When I watched the scene without sound I was able to see several camera techniques that I recently read about. The initial camera shot is a still shot aimed down low at the feet as they walk into the frame. The next shot is a follow shot on the duffle bag as it goes into the x-ray machine. The next cut shot does the opposite and follows the angle down as the actor comes through the other side of the scanner. Then they use a pull up shot from low to high to show the power of the protagonist as he opens up his jacket showing all the guns. In the opposite effect, they do a cut shot to show the guard from a low position. Another effect they use quite a bit in this scene (and throughout the movie actually) is slow motion action scenes.

The audio sets you up with a nice primal percussive background sound and they also enhance the sounds of certain items such as walking through the scanner and gunshots. They even have some slow motion audio, like when he opens up his jacket to show all of the weapons.

Putting everything together you can tell they worked hard on setting up shots and editing this scene. Once the battle scene starts the fast paced but lively music in the back keeps you in step with the action. Watching the scene again I noticed a couple of shots from the ceiling looking down at the action. I also noticed that they do several shots from the front and then finish the same shot with a cut to the back of it.