I have really enjoyed reading my fellow students blogs. The creativity or perspective they take on a subject is always fascinating to me. Sometimes after reading a blog it helps unlock something in my mind to get me on the right path to finish my blog. I hope that some of the blogs that come easier to me will do the same for my fellow students. Below are some of the blogs I have commented on along with my comments:

Good work, I’ve never heard this tongue twister before but I like it. I used the super basic how much wood could a wood chuck chuck. I think you could’ve been a little louder when saying it, the music in the background is a little overtaking your voice.
I like how you related it to something that you watch daily. I went to freesounds.org to get all my sounds but YouTube sound quality was probably a lot better than the ones that I used. Good work though!
I can tell that you truly appreciated this by the attention to the detail that you had. I enjoyed this but I wasn’t able to picture everything as well as you, maybe I need to listen it a couple more times. Maybe add what made you picture the lander in a certain way and why.
Really awesome job! I agree that it is a little complex at first but you’ll get the hang of it.
Wow this is really cool! I like the shadows of the ninjas face. What did you use to make this?