Lord of The Rings

I drew this up in about 5 minutes, I’m a big fan of the movie franchise (especially when i was younger). I read the books after I watched all the movies and I really enjoyed them.

I was in Las Vegas watching the Vegas show WOW, when I saw the time and realized that it was about to hit midnight back home and I needed to do my Daily Create. I felt lucky that this show could really work with the daily create I needed to do, so lady luck was on my side. Hopefully I’m lucky with gambling too!

This is honestly one of my favorite memories from my childhood. We would have block parties all the time and when the parents went back home after dark all the kids would stay out. We would stay up till either our parents got worried or until someone got tired. We all played all out!

I can’t imagine a better feeling that being able to represent my country in the olympics. Maybe getting the gold but that is about it. I never thought that I would even be able to throw in college and look at me now. Most achievements in life start as a dream.