After completing several difficult design assignments, I thought this one would be a bit easier to do. I was wrong as usual. It was more difficult that I thought because I wanted to make it very cool (pun intended!). I was trying to not only make the letters cool but add some nice animation to it. Initially I went to Cool Letters to write my name and decided to use my alter ego name instead of my real one. I used the Disney font to write my name.

I then tried to find a program that would actually draw the name as if I were writing virtually. The problem was, that there are so many other free animated signature websites that it polluted what I was trying to find. I spent three to four hours exploring different programs and such. I ended up just going to GIPHY and adding a feature they have to make my signature wavy. GIPHY had some animated stickers as well but they did not go nicely with my cool letters.

Below are some of my other versions that I tried but ultimately did not go with:

I went to this website and added my name.
The website generated several options for me to choose from. I then hit the copy function and added it to my photos.
I then uploaded my Cool Letters onto another website called GIPHY to animate.
I chose the WAVY option to add a little life to my Cool Letters.