Scene from the movie Tombstone

This is a famous scene from the movie Tombstone where Doc Holiday and Johnny Ringo square off. They end up not drawing their guns and both live to fight another day. The epic quote when Johnny Ringo asks Wyatt Earp and his brother Virgil if they want to “play for blood?” Doc Holiday inserts himself into this fight with a simple calm, cool and Southern accent, “I’m your Huckleberry, that’s just my game.”

I decided to do this one as comic books are one of my things so I figured it would be fun. I also had an app called Comic Book! on my iPad that I thought would make this assignment easy, but I was mistaken. The video I downloaded from YouTube was not good quality so the photos I grabbed from it (using an app called Movie Capture) were equally of low quality. Below was my first attempt; it was ok but I thought I could do better. I then tried to screen shot from the movie I have on iTunes but they had some anti-pirating software that just gave me a black screen. So I played the movie on my computer and took photos with my iPhone which gave me a better quality that I ended up using. Of course I had looked on the Internet for some good photos to use but none were of the scene I was trying to show. I learned a lot from this assignment and made some cartoon shots of myself and my pets.

First attempt that I did not like

Here is a tutorial video on how I used the app Comic Book! to make a comic book scene.

Comic Book! App Tutorial

Below is a slider tool to see a before adding effects and after using the Comic Book! app effects. This goes along with my tutorial video.