Design Blitz on Flickr

After reading the information in the Design Blitz assignment I just started taking random photos of images throughout the week that I felt related to the information I had just learned. I started to see things in a different way now as I was looking for shots that had: balance, rhythm, color, typography, proportion, dominance, unity, minimalism/use of space, metaphors/symbols and form/function. Some of my photos had multiple concepts in one, like the one above that is the cover photo for my Flickr Design Blitz. It has balance with the two symbols and two balls that are situated in the middle of the photo. It also has symbolism and metaphor of of balance with the yin/yang symbol on the two meditation balls.


I went to visit my dad at his office and saw this beautiful wall. The company is an Alaska Native company and the office is decorated with a natural look. The wall catches your eye and the “rhythm” of the natural rocks keeps your gaze as you follow it along the wall.

Power Train Gym logo
Color & Dominance

I am currently working at Power Train Fitness Gym as a Certified Personal Trainer. Their logo dominantly stands out with the yellow behind it. Even though the yellow is dominated in space, the color is actually light on the eyes which allows the black to pop! They also have another logo with the name spelled out that covers the “Typography” element.

Water container

When I bought this water container it was its minimalistic and simple design that appealed to me. Other water bottles are overly fancy and have designs that seem unnecessary.

I see cotton candy!

I was at my dad’s company picnic and accidentally picked up some cotton candy, I stared into its eyes before I gobble it up in a few bites. The main proportion of this photo is the cotton candy with the eyes peering over the top. So your initial view is the cotton candy and then it will lead you to the top where my eyes are.