Two movie genres in one!

This movie was a surprise hit for me as I really had no idea how they put these two movie genres together. The action was superb along with the acting and characters in the movie. The movie is based on a historical non-fiction character mixed in with some legendary fantasy elements that just seem to work well together. Even though you knew the movie was fiction, you came away with a small hint of doubt that the movie could have been true! I recommend it to everyone and have it in my iTunes library.

It took me a while to come up with a movie that was somewhat popular yet not too easy to guess. That left out Star Wars , Harry Potter and Marvel movies. I toyed with Gattica, Butter and Tombstone but ultimately went with this one. I went to the Noun Project and picked out my icons then did a screen shot of them. I used Pages to put the four icons on the same page and then used the picture frame option in Pages. I then did another screen shot and uploaded to my blog. Easy peasy!